The Influence of Angry Mood on Health

Within healthy environments , we often become angry for something we dislike. However, proceeding make us more at risk of diseases. According to teach of U.S. scientists, anger mood has several damages on health. It is effortless to have stains on face. When you feel angry, the blood will flow to your head and the oxygen the actual world blood will be reduced and toxin will be increased. The toxins could stimulate the hair follicles, causing inflammation of varying degrees around the hair follicles, so stain problems appear. When you encounter unhappy things, take yoga breathing with hands flat, to control the physical condition and take away toxins outside the body.

It accelerates the aging of brain cells. When large flock of blood flows to the brain, it will increase the anxiety of cerebral blood ships. At this time, the blood delivers the most toxins and least oxygen, which is almost a poison to brain cell. It will result gastric ulcer. Anger will lead to sympathetic excitation and have direct result on the heart and blood vessels, so that in order to blood flow in the gastrointestinal, slow peristalsis, result poor appetite, and even cause serious stomach peptic issues. It is recommended to do massage on stomach every day to ease the troubles. Large amount of blood flows toward the brain and face, and it will reduce the blood supply to soul and cause by myocardial ischemia.

In order fulfill the physical needs, the heart has to work more and cause irregular heartbeat and even everyday life. Try to smile and remember pleasant memories to make the heart beat rhythm recover and blood flow consistently. The body secretes a substance called catecholamines, offers function on the central nervous system to increase blood sugar, decompose fatty acid and increase the poisons in blood and liver cells. Drink a cup of water when you resentful. Water could promote the body’s excretion of free fatty acids to reduce the toxicity. Since angry mood has so many disadvantages and damages to human body, we should possess a positive attitude a person’s and try to smile instead acquiring angry.

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